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Our Industrial Vacuum has set the standard for power, durability, convenience and, effectiveness. We focus on High-quality results, for us it’s all about what adds value for you and your business. Above all we want our customers to have an exclusive experience and product.

Extreme vacuum flow

Vacuum Flow allows high speed to pick up with consistent flow.

Float shut-off ball protection

Stainless steel float ball protects the motors from getting wet and damaged.

Runs Smoothly with power

High-quality motors run with power and pick up material smoothly.

Powder Coating Material

Material is covered with powder coating, stainless steel parts and, durable metal.

Our Vacuum features

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What our customers say

Industries that use our product


Clean emergency drainage, flooding, holding tanks on boats, and any fluids.
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Pick up cement, dirt, and other dry material.
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Recycle kitchen oil and any thick liquids.
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Clean and pick up water from floors and other environments.
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AIRWOLF II - Heavy Duty Industrial Shop Vacuum


Resistant Wet and Dry Vacuum has a dimension of 24 inches Diameter of heavy duty lid and a weight of 30 lb.

Includes a handle on each side for easy pick up and a replaceable 10 ft. hose for a smooth pick up with a 17 ft. long power cord for a distance outlet. A cable holder included for a safe and organized work area. The lid has a top silicone filler for a better grip when attached to the barrel with detachable clamps.

The Dual Motor Drum Vac System is great for grease traps and ground level pump out jobs.

Product includes a Vacuum bag for dry material. This quick change lid design allows for multiple drum fillings with one lid.

Barrel not included



Gallons Compatible with
AC Voltage

Our Story

Our Industry started producing product for industrial shops where we received high demand from customers which lead to our interest in selling directly from our industry. Our company founder and creator, Cristian Arana started Powervac Industries because he found something that could have more intensity and could work with more efficiency. 

He was working with other competitive brands that gave him enough power but were not completely structured in their products.

He found himself wanting products that would help him and others get the job done. His focus was to create durable and high grade machines. This is what he says after using and testing different machines:

“I realized that we needed more; options, power, efficiency and, equipment. That’s what started Powervac Industries with new features that made it accessible for an easy job. The purpose was to create an affordable and high-quality industrial product that can be accessible for everyone not just for one worker but  for any company that has a budget. It ultimately benefits our clients because we are always on the cutting edge of processes and techniques.”

Customer Service

Our main goal is to provide a helpful service and a prime experience with our company. We will do our best to provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

Frequest Asked Questions

Industrial Vacuum
How does this product work?

The industrial vacuum works by negative pressure that is generated inside the drum, causing internal flow from the mouth of the vacuum to the exit port. The capacity of the vacuum comes not only from the power of the motor but from the size of the flow port. There are different types of vacuums but all of them work by the same principle with impellers.

How can I attach the clamps to the vacuum?

The vacuum comes with 3 clamps which are easy to install on your drum (this is when you choose to work with a single drum). In case you’d like to fill multiple drums with the same vacuum, it’s preferable to use a 55 gallon barrel ring. To attach your clamps onto your barrel simply use a drill bit to open holes and attach your clamps with attachable screws.

What kind of Vacuum hose can I replace my old hose with?

You can use a Ridgid hose 1-7/8 in. x 10 ft. from your local hardware store. You can also get rigid accessories and parts for your accommodation and the type of job you complete.

When will I receive my order?

If the status of your order is shown as , it means that we’re busy getting your order together and ready to be sent out.

Your estimated delivery date is in your order confirmation email and includes the time it takes for us to package your order. You’ll then receive another email when we send your order to you, which will include a tracking link if your order has been sent with one of our trackable delivery services. If your order hasn’t arrived by the delivery date in your confirmation email, get in touch with our Customer Care team so we can help you further.

Where can I contact customer support?

Email [email protected] or call (714)492-4960

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